Today’s Workout: August 24th, 2014

Today’s training day was a great deal of fun. I started off the day by doing 7 minutes of mobility and joint lubricating. I then went for a quick 2.5 mile run with my pit bull. I only did a short run because I ended the day yesterday with intervals of incline sprints alternating with jogging. I beat my dog on the last two! OK, he whopped me pretty well on the first 10, but hey, he has perpetual 4-wheel drive! 
After breakfast, I then headed to my studio to teach my 11:30am class. We had 10 show up for a Sunday in August. Pretty good sized class for this time of year. I lead the class through mobility and warm-up and then proceeded to coach them. After they left, my fun began. 
I set my Gym Boss to 1:10 and set up my circuit. Every 1 minute and 10 seconds, I changed exercises. I wanted to get a solid minute in at each station, so the extra 10 seconds helped a great deal. For most of the Bodyweight Exercises, I did a higher level and then regressions of the exercise when the form began to deteriorate. For example, on round #2, I did 8 One-Arm Push-ups each side. When I was done, I did Palm Heel Push-ups for the remainder of the the minute. I listed the repetitions where applicable. I did three rounds of the below listed movements. 38 minutes and 50 seconds of constant movement. Here’s the workout: 
Jump Rope: Approximately 160 skips
Handstands: Handstands, Crow Stands, Toad Stools, Wall Push-ups
Squats: Pistols, Air Lunges, Deep Squats, Assisted Pistols, Deck Squats & Deck Pistols
Pull-ups: Tactical Pull-ups, Platform Pull-ups, Plank (Down Under) Pull-ups
Push-ups: Nuero-Grip Push-ups, One Arm, Archer, Palm Heel
Bridges: Full Bridge with Push-ups (20), Straight Leg, Flat, Table Top
Dips: Chair Dips, Tactical Dips, Tucked Dips
Split & Side Squats, Lunges: Renegade (side) Lunges, Split Squats, Cossacks
Abs: Hanging Abs – Straight up, Hanging Abs – Angle (sides), Wheel of Death
Heavy Swings: 30 reps per set
Medium Get-ups: 1 Get-up Each Side (pause at each position)
Try it out and have some fun! 
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