The Kettlebell Workout Library is now ONLINE!


The Kettlebell Workout Library: Bring the Kettlebell King, Master RKC Phil Ross into your home, gym or onto your mobile device! This Online Version of the DVD has 20 Hours of video consisting of 104 Kettlebell and Bodyweight Workouts also including, flexibility, mobility, dynamic tension, warm-ups and much more! There is no other System like this available anywhere. The training videos are available as a subscriber membership for only $9.99/month or in sections, Warm-ups, Mobility and Flexibility ($9.99), 21 Beginner Workouts ($39.99), 25 Intermediate Workouts ($39.99), 15 Advanced Workouts ($39.99) or 42 Specialty Workouts ($59.99). Downloadable PDFs come with each workout segment.
Also be certain to check out or DVD collection, FREE SHIPPING is offered anywhere in the continental United States. Visit and begin your journey to optimal strength, health fitness and longevity today!
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