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Statistics demonstrate that everyone will be a victim of a violent crime at some point in their lives. What measures have you taken to beat the odds? Are you prepared to handle the situation when violence comes knocking at your door? How will you react? Will you be able to protect yourself and your family? What will you do in the face of a home invasion? How will you handle a terrorist attack? What will you do if faced with multiple attackers?  How will you address the various weapons that you may face? What will you do if you are in faced with an execution type assault?

​The Survival Strong Strength and Survival System combine body weight and defensive tactics. The complete system is practical, concise and unmatched. Not everyone has the time, inclination or circumstance to join a full blown martial arts school and train for hours and hours a week to advance in belt level. This system is devised to either be a part of a martial arts program or a standalone means to develop great strength and skill with very little or no equipment at all.


The art of learning how to defend oneself is developed through skills acquired during your defensive tactics training. It’s not as simple as “How to defend against a choke”. There are a multitude of factors and determinants to consider during your preparation. Not only must we consider mind set and avoidance, but we have to look at the actual types of technique application. The are different levels, for lack of a better word. These are determined by distance of the offender, speed of the attack and circumstances. None of which you have control over. You can only control how you respond to these situations.

​Levels or types of situations are:
Confrontation with a verbal exchange, Confrontation with no verbal exchange, Surprise attack when you are caught off guard, Hostage Situations, Intercepting an attack with a preemptive strike

All of these will be addressed in our training.

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