Quick, Simple Bodyweight Workout


Phil Ross performing a Push-up

There are times when you don’t have a great deal of time to workout, but you desperately NEED to do something. Here is one of my “Fall Back” workouts. It’s completely scalable in accordance with your time, strength and ability. You can make this rotation as simple or as difficult as you’d like.

The workout is built around 4 Basic Calisthenics:

Push-up, Squat, Bridge and Abdominals. I have chosen these four movements because there is ZERO equipment required and if you have four working limbs, you can do all of the exercises at some level. All that you need is a floor and a body that can move.

The amount of reps will be dependent upon how many repetitions you can effectively perform of each exercise and how many sets will depend on how much time you have. Here’s an example of a fairly quick routine which I do in 10 minutes or less.

Always start with a some mobility work, you will need to warm up your joints and raise your core temperature.

Push-ups (Knuckle, Standard, Decline or Palm Heel): 50 reps

Squats (Deep or Split (25 each Side): 50 reps

Abdominals (Leg Thrusts, Feet up Crunches): 50 reps

Bridges, 3 second hold: (Glute, Straight Leg or Table Top): 20 reps

Repeat for 4 Sets.

As stated before, the reps will depend upon your strength and ability. You may do more or less sets. You may want to make the movements more difficult and lower the reps. The important thing is to keep up with your training and have some fun with it!


Strength and Honor,

Coach Phil