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Online Training with Master Phil Ross

If you can’t make it to our studio or if you’d like the flexibility to train from home or on the road from you computer or PDA, download our videos to your personal device.

Leaders In Fitness: Earn 1.75 CEU’s with this online Kettlebell Training course, Kettlebell Basics 

Learn from one of the country’s top Kettlebell Authorities in your own home or gym! Master RKC Phil Ross, Star of the Advanced Russian Kettlebell Workout Video and trainer to many fighters, athletes, celebrities and physicians designed and conducts these classes, has a new Kettlebell Video Series Available. There is no other Kettlebell Exercise video available like The Kettlebell Workout Library.

The Kettlebell Workout Library: Bring the Kettlebell King, Master Phil Ross into your home, gym or onto your mobile device! This is the Online Version of the DVD. 20 Hours of video consisting of 104 Kettlebell and Bodyweight Workouts, flexibility, mobility, dynamic tension, warm-ups and much more! The training videos are available as a subscriber membership for only $9.99/month or in sections, Warm-ups, Mobility and Flexibility ($9.99), 21 Beginner Workouts ($39.99), 25 Intermediate Workouts ($39.99), 15 Advanced Workouts ($39.99) or 42 Specialty Workouts ($59.99).

Who is this The Kettlebell Workout Library for? This Kettlebell Workout video series is suitable for Kettlebell Trainers, Personal Trainers, and people who simply want to learn about Kettlebell Training and Kettlebell Workouts. You can have the best Kettlebell Training Video at home on your DVD player or anywhere on your PDA, Laptop or Mobile Device.

Try The Kettlebell Workout Library FOR FREE, for 7 Days. For a limited time only, peruse the 20 hours of workouts and see what the S.W.A.T. Kettlebell and Bodyweight Training System is all about!



Testimonials: The Kettlebell Workout Library

I met Coach Phil in 2014 at the Boston RKC. His coaching style will instantly have you hooked by motivating you with his knowledge and enthusiasm.

As a Personal Trainer and facility owner, it is important that I am regularly updating my programs and challenging clients with new workouts, warm ups and drills. I use the Kettlebell Workout Library for program planning for my clients’ and my own personal workouts. The manual is just as useful as the videos with pages of workouts and descriptive full color pictures that can be easily stored in a gym bag for a quick reference.

Whether you’re a fitness professional or looking for a new program to get you in great shape, you can’t go wrong with The Kettlebell King and the Kettlebell Workout Library!

Gina Pizzino-Varrone<>, RKC Owner at Dynamic Fitness & Nutrition

The Kettlebell Workout Library has become so much more than a top notch work out, its continues to teach me how to be a better KB instructor. It’s like taking a continuing education course every time I play them. Phil is the BEST of the BEST! I can’t say enough about this quality, class act man!! Rock on Master Phil!!!

Michelle Hillman, RKC

The Kettlebell Workout Library is fantastic, and very well done. Everyone that trains with kettlebells currently, or wants to train with kettlebells, should buy this now!

Joe Rubino<>, North American Boxing & Kickboxing Champion

The Kettlebell Workout Library Manual with Video Series is highly recommended.
It is concise, technical, organized, and specifically informative.
Whether you are a trained instructor or not, using the manual and videos in tandem is thoroughly comprehensible.
Phil Ross’ expertise in his industry is explicitly illustrated throughout the manual and videos.
The Kettlebell Workout Library Manual with Video Series, is one of the, “Must Have”

Zoe Georgiades, RKC I

THE Kettlebell Workout Library DVD Series

What Phil has put together here is unquestionably the ultimate masterclass in functional strength and conditioning…the experts will all tell you that Phil is “the man” in his field, and if you want to take your skills and athleticism to the next level, you just can’t afford to be without this material!

Coach Paul Wade, Calisthenics Guru, Author of the Convict Conditioning Series



As a Subscriber Membership for only $9.99/month. Have complete access to any of the 104 workouts and the warm-up section at anytime.



$9.99 USD
Warm-ups, Mobility and Flexibility, all for only $9.99 as a one time purchase. This section is a recommended purchase to accompany any of the other workout sections.



$39.99 USD
All 21 Beginner Workouts at $39.99. Let Master Ross set your Kettlebell Fitness Foundation with these basic, yet challenging workouts.



$39.99 USD
Ramp it up a level with 25 Intermediate Workouts for $39.99. A more difficult level of workouts are presented here, but you’ll be prepared having completed the basics!



$39.99 USD
This is where we supercharge your workouts. More PowerDure, Power as well as more advanced Complexes and Chains get amped up with our 15 Advanced Workouts for only $39.99.



$59.99 USD
Shock your system with Tabata’s, The Warrior’s Challenge, Ladders, Scrambled Eggs, Dynamic Tension, Hammer Time and many more special workouts contained in the 42 Specialty Workouts Section.

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