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SURVIVAL STRONG, the ultimate guide to self defense and bodyweight strength! Have you ever wondered what to do if you were attacked, caught in a mass hysteria predicament, faced with an angry dog, awoken in the middle of the night or faced with multiple attackers? What weapons do you have at your disposal? For the answers to this and many other questions, order up your copy of SURVIVAL STRONG!

In the 300 plus pages, you will learn how to avoid, assess and respond to a multitude of situations that may arise. We delve into the mindset necessary to survive attacks and condition the body through drills and strength building techniques using very little equipment or none at all.

Join Master Phil Ross on his journey to becoming one of the most prominent martial arts experts of our time as he relays real life accounts of his exploits. See how the techniques and philosophies have been in action. Read accounts of how his students have survived life threatening situations by using the training that they received from Master Ross and imagine what you’ll be able to for yourself and your family once you have mastered the strategies of SURVIVAL STRONG!

No home should be without this survival manual!

Here what the experts say about SURVIVAL STRONG:

  • I’m constantly asked by my students what books I’d recommend for self-defense, and because of my own experiences, I always have mixed feelings about putting my name behind something. Not anymore! Phil Ross’s new manual, Survival Strong, is now THE go-to book on defending your life, and the lives of the folks you care about. This is the only book I’ve ever read which can genuinely give you all the bleeding-edge psychological and physical tools to take yourself to the ultimate level of personal ability. I’d be surprised if this manual is ever surpassed in it’s field–that’s how f***ing good it is.

    —Paul “Coach” Wade
    Calisthenics guru and author of The Convict Conditioning Series

  • Very few people in this world practice what they preach . . . Phil Ross
    has been walking his talk for as long as I have known him . . . humble
    yet confident, this book is an illustration of what it takes to physically
    face the uncertainties today’s world can bring to your doorstep.

    —Jason Rich
    Naval Special Warfare Operator/SEAL TEAMS 8 and 10

  • Phil has been a lifelong athlete and martial artist, but has truly taken to the academic study of human movement and performance. While he’s been unable to become certified in every single martial art, chase a degree in each branch of science, or proclaim to be on the cutting edge of every buzzword-generating fitness fad, what he has done is even more impressive. He’s cut through the BS, the marketing, the sensesaturating hype that many fads generate. All the while, keeping an eye on fundamentals, concepts, and strategies . . . He’s studied, practiced, been lectured to, lectured to others, taught a plethora of classes (martial arts, fitness, etc.), studied some more, and certainly spent time reflecting on it all . . . For this reason, I’m excited to read this book!

    Phil’s unique experiences have led him to become a reputable instructor for athletes of all ages and abilities. His education allows him to craft training programs for people seeking wide-ranging results, aiming for various goals . . . And knowing that, I’m quite excited for the final product; the result of time spent, experiences had, lessons learned, and, finally, crafted with a sense of perfectionism that Phil brings to every endeavor.

    If there’s a brain to be picked on the subject of human movement, it’s Phil’s. He’s seen it all, and in the pages that follow, he shares his views . . . If you’re looking to bypass years of attending lectures, the reading of numerous encyclopedias, and paying for dozens of personal training lessons, this book is for you.
    Learn what is worth learning, and avoid some of the most common (but sometimes most subtle) mistakes that athletes and martial artists habitually make as they seek improvement.

    —Brian Ebersole
    UFC Fighter (ret., 68 professional fights), Division 1 Wrestler

  • I first met Phil Ross in 2012. Both he and I were cornering our fighters at a UFC event. After speaking to him for 30 minutes, I knew that he was a guy that could add value and knowledge in my life. We quickly became friends and later, training partners. Phil is a “martial arts guru” and, a pioneer in the training that the body requires to accomplish the technique and objective. Phil is methodical, detailed, and talented in his unique approach to training people. I admire him greatly and recommend this book to anyone serious about acquiring or polishing their skills to defend themselves’ or loved ones.

    -Mitch Coats
    Jiu Jitsu Black Belt (2nd degree)

  • Phil’s book Survival Strong isn’t so much a manual on Self Defense as it is the love-child of a combat encyclopedia and the autobiography of a man who as actually been in just about every violent altercation you can imagine. Drawing on DECADES of training from a very wide range of experts in the field and tons of personal experience, Phil Ross takes you on a journey through self defense, and self mastery. You could easily spend the next 10 years learning and implementing the strategies and movements you’ll find within. This thing is absolutely PACKED to the rafters with no fluff.

    —Max Shank
    International Presenter, Owner: Ambition Athletics,
    Creator: Ultimate Athleticism

  • There is an old saying, “them that can, do – them that can’t teach. Phil is one of the rare few that can do and teach. Heed his advice and become a better fighter, simple as that. Phil blends decades of empirical experience in a multitude of fighting disciplines with an unquenchable and ongoing thirst for knowledge. Too many “elder” athletes become fossilized in their thinking and morph into the fundamentalist mindset that accepts no more impute and disses anyone that dares disagree from their frozen commandments. Phil, ever the fight scientist, always seeks new avenues of progress. This book is a compilation of techniques and tactics over a lifetime of immersion. This is no moldy retrospective written by a feeble retiree reminiscing about the good old day—this is an active, alive document chock full of ideas and strategies that. If implemented with the ferocity and exactitude required, will break you, the active fighter, through whatever stagnant plateau you find yourself mired in.

    —Marty Gallagher
    IPF powerlifting world champion
    World champion coach

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