Master Phil’s Total Body Conditioning

Personal Trainer Bergen County

At Master Phil’s, your body is our business, as well as your goals. We design a fitness program that is specifically designed to meet your current and future needs.

Whether you are a woman striving to harden your body, a high school athlete looking to improve performance in your sport, a person recovering from an injury or an executive looking to get that “pump” before work, we will customize a program to suit your needs!

The combination of resistance training, diet, supplementation, body balancing movements and cardiovascular workouts will yield the desired result.

Private, pairs, or group training are all available at our facility.

Group Fitness Classes utilizing our S.W.A.T. (Strength, Weight, Athletic Training) based on EPD (Explosive Power Development) is designed for aspiring athletes or anyone desiring to raise their level of strength and fitness. We address the needs of GPP, General Physical Preparedness with our unique program, Designed by Master Ross, includes Kettlebell, Strength, Bodyweight, Bands, Plyometrics, Agility and Core Training. Whether you are looking to increase your performance in your sport or simply want to get stronger and in better physical condition, this all encompassing fitness program is for you!

At Master Phil’s we offer training tailored to encompass:

Resistance Training (Kettlebells, Weights, CrossCore (suspension), Exercise Bands), Cardiovascular (Aerobic), Bodyweight, Sport Specific Training, Flexibility, Plyometrics, Nutritional Advice, Post-Rehabilitation, Self Defense Training, Pairs Training, Group Workouts, On-Site Training, Boxing, Kickboxing, Empowerment/Meditation.

Nutritional Counseling and Diet Plans

Meet with our Certified Dietitian, Nicole Ross, for diet plans and nutritional counseling. Her services are available online and in person. For details, set-up your consult with her by calling the school or by emailing her at