Kickboxing Sequence


There are times that you are unable to make it to class or you may simply want to develop more power working on your own. When you train on the Heavy Bag, it’s far more productive to practice combinations than it is to put on Rocky Music and aimlessly hit the bag with power shots. Use movement and combinations. Treat your workout as if you were actually in combat. Training in this method will help you to develop the muscle memory (or IT – Instinctive Technique) that will help you in battle.

Prior to any training, do a sensible warm-up with 3 minutes on the jump rope as well as joint mobility, bridgework, push-ups and abdominals.

Kickboxing Sequence

Round 1 – Right Cut Kick, Right Jab, Left Cross, Left Cut Kick.

Round 2 – Lead Leg Roundhouse Kick, Jab and Cross.

Round 3 – Lead Leg Side Kick, Backfist, Cross.

Round 4 – Full Leg (back one) Rapid Fire Cut Kick, Round Kick, Round Kick, Lead Hook (hand), Cross & Lead Hook again. After your Full Cut Kick, your rear becomes your lead, you bounce your foot off the ground quickly as you deliver the next two kicks. After the kicks, execute a Lead Hook Punch with the same side.

Round 5 – Piet a te, Lead Jab, Cross, Rear Leg Cut Kick

Round 6 – Back Kick, Spinning Backfist, Stick Punch

Round 7 – Lead Jab, Spinning Backfist, Stick Punch, Double Knee

Round 8 – Double Jab, Body Shot (Rear Hook to the Body), Cut Kick, Spinning Crescent, Hook or Wheel Kick (vary the kicks)

Round 9 – Fake (Feint) the Jab, Slide lead foot across and throw and Overhand Right, Pivot on the lead foot and throw a Lead Hook   followed by a Rear Elbow

Round 10 – Lunging Front Kick, side step and Shin Kick, Lead Hook, Rear Uppercut


2 minute rounds with 30 seconds rest between rounds


3 minute rounds with 1 minute rest between rounds