Hotel Room Workout

A few months ago, my son and I were on a family fishing trip in Miami. It was Saturday afternoon and we needed to train, so we went down to the hotel gym and saw it loaded with treadmills, small dumbbells and a cable machine. We looked at each other & decided to head back to the room to do a bodyweight workout.
The first group of exercises included Bridges, Handstand Push-ups and Squats. We performed 5 sets of various repetitions. The next group included Split Squats, Dips and Abdominals. We also mixed in several variations of push-ups.
It was a great workout and it was completed in the room. The movements are based on exercises from Paul Wade’s Convict Conditioning book. Working to 80 to 90% of maximum for each exercise, each set. This ensured a solid workout with good performance of each movement.  

The only piece of equipment we brought was a jump rope. There are many times I intersperse bodyweight exercises with rounds of jumping rope. Generally, I’ll do 200 skips, 25 push-ups and 30 reps of an abdominal. I’ll start with the rope skipping and then move onto the push-ups and abs. I’ll do 5 sets on the rope and 4 sets of the push-ups and abs. This will yield 1000 skips, 100 push-ups and 120 abs. I call this the 12 Minute Workout.
When you are traveling, there is no reason not to train!
Strength & Honor,
Coach Phil