Bodyweight Workout: Good Fun!

Today we had a very different mix in our class. We had all put in a very hard week training, between all of the Kettlebell, MMA and BJJ classes, everyone was a little fried. Plus the Holidays were coming up, so I wanted to do something special for class. We worked exclusively with our own body’s weight for the entire class. The workout went like this:

Jump rope for 3 minutes. Bo Staff (or dowel) stretches. Free-hand stretching.

Since we had a class for of people with different ability levels, I demonstrated the movements with variations in accordance with the skill and fitness levels commensurate of the participants.

The students were instructed to perform at their level of competence.

I set the Gym Boss at 1 minute increments and had the class do this rotation 5 times: 15 minutes of straight work, moving from one exercise to to another without stopping to rest.

1) Bridges
2) Push-ups
3) Skewed Squats or Pistols

Our next rotation included 7 exercises performed for 30 seconds each. No rest in between. This took 14 minutes, non-stop.

1) Planks
2) Pull-ups
3) Dips
4) Wheel of Death
5) Stretching
6) Handstands
7) Box Jumps

We finished up with some more free-hand stretches.


Strength & Honor,

Coach Phil