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Our Blog Page contains valuable information fitness, self defense, martial arts, strength training, healthy lifestyles, proper mindset, inspirational and motivational tips and tactics. Master Phil Ross has been involved in the areas of Martial Arts, Combat Sports, Personal Protection and Motivational Speaking and Presentations all across the United States and on the International Stage. He has coached and trained athletes and students ranging from grade school to the level of professionals, and everything in between. His depth and breadth of coaching and mentoring is unmatched.

The author of two incredibly informational books, SURVIVAL STRONG and FEROCIOUS FITNESS, have received rave reviews and endorsements from UFC Fighters, US SpecOps Members, Fitness Guru’s, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champions, High Level Martial Artists and many more. He produced the #1 Rated Self Defense Fitness Video Series, S.A.V.E., the top rated Advanced Russian Kettlebell Workout and recently released the largest volume video training system, The Kettlebell Workout Library.

Master Ross also have be a featured presenter and/or provided training content for ACE, NASM, Dragon Door (RKC 1. RKC 2 & HKC)Parisi’s Speed SchoolsAFS, to name a few. He has appeared on several TV shows and is featured in several commercials as well.