An excerpt from “Survival Strong”



The Survival Strong System is based on several principles:

How to avoid a situation
How to recognize situations
What to do when they arise
Strategic options
Situation-specific responses
The 4 ranges of combat
How to get and stay strong
The importance of being in good physical condition Conventional and unconventional weapons

The defensive tactics included in the Survival Strong System are largely based upon the S.A.V.E. Self-Defense and Fitness video series that was spawned for the program that I developed in the late 1990s. I had instructed at a multitude of seminars and workshops for members of law enforcement, security, and educational agencies as well as for the general public. I noticed that no matter how good the material was (whether it was from me or another instructor), most participants were unable to commit the movements to their immediate recall. This was primarily due to the lack of practice. In 2005, I developed the complete training system with a train-along video series. The program received several #1 ratings. In 2012, I collaborated with Max Shank, one of the top bodyweight specialists in the world as well an accomplished martial artist, to develop the Survival Strong Workshop and Certification.

The book Survival Strong is an in-depth depiction of the philosophy, techniques, and ideals that the system is built upon. Enjoy the journey to discovering techniques and strategies that work in real life situations. Your view on training, self-defense, martial arts, and self-protection may be changed forever!

Statistics demonstrate that everyone will be a victim of a violent crime at some point in their lives. What measures have you taken to beat the odds? Are you prepared to handle the situation when violence comes knocking at your door? How will you react? Will you be able to protect yourself and your family? What will you do in the face of a home invasion? How will you handle a terrorist attack? What will you do if faced with multiple attackers?

How will you address the various weapons that you may face? What will you do if you are in faced with an execution type assault?

The most important factors are your mind-set and your training. Notice that I put mind-set rst. Your mind is your best weapon. It is your mind that drives you to train and have the proper attitude to fight back. Your training must be purposeful and regular. It’s not enough to think that you know what to do. I know how to hit a baseball, yet I don’t play for the Yankees. You need to practice so you will be able to react without thought to the impending threat. IT, or instinctive technique, needs to be developed. There is a kukri (short sword) recitation in the Burmese martial art bando that states, “Repeat draws, cuts, and blocks. Repeat steps, turns, and locks, until sword frees from thought.” In layman’s’ terms, you need to practice so you are able to simply react without hesitation and without thought. If you have to stop to think, it’s too late. The time you needed has cost precious milliseconds. Maybe that’s all you had. Do not permit yourself to be a statistic.

We need to employ the 3 As (Awareness, Avoidance, and Action) and SIPDE (Scan, Identify, Predict, Decide, and Execute). These two components go hand in hand. They are essential survival skills and should be practiced until they become second nature.