30 Minute Workout: Philbata 20151126

20151126  PhilBata

 Jump Rope for 300 skips, do some joint mobility work of your choice and the basic Bo Staff stretches. This workout may be done with kettlebells or dumbbells. I use these or straight Bodyweight Workouts when I’m in a hotel. They work out very well. ENJOY!

30 Minutes:

100 Jump Rope Skips

10 Swings

100 Jump Ropes

10 KB Thrusters

100 Jump Ropes

10 Dual Bell Rows

100 Jump Ropes

10-25 Push-ups

100 Jump Ropes

30 Abs

100 Jump Ropes

10 BU Squats


Repeat for 3 circuits or until you allotted time expires.